Terms and Conditions

Shipping A Repair & Return Order

Hytec will provide repair tags at no charge with all returned orders, and they are available in bulk upon request. Each circuit board should be tagged with part number, model, and description of your problem, or symptom. Be sure to note if your problem is intermittent, so we can work to duplicate the problem. All circuit boards should be carefully packaged to prevent any shipping damage. We suggest insuring all circuit boards upon shipment to Hytec. Without additional coverage, freight carriers normally cover only $100.00 per package. You may create an Advance Repair & Return order online to use as a packing slip.

Order Discrepancies

Hytec will not be responsible for order discrepancies, unless a packing slip or purchase order listing the enclosed circuit boards accompanies your order. Your documentation will be checked against the boards received immediately upon receipt of the order. You will be notified of any discrepancies.

Turnaround Time

Standard turnaround time at Hytec’s facility is 2-4 business days from receipt of your item. For rush service, please indicate Emergency Service. Your boards will be repaired and shipped the same, or next, business day. For even quicker service, please view Hytec’s Advance Exchange service option.

Return Shipment

For Repair and Return service, Hytec returns your package by the same service method received (e.g. overnight, 2nd day or ground). For these and all other services (Advanced Exchange, Bank Service, Direct Sales), Hytec will use FedEx as our preferred carrier, but can also use the freight carrier of your choice. If you wish to ship by a carrier besides FedEx, please indicate your preferred carrier on your paperwork. Please note, shipping with a carrier other than FedEx will increase your freight costs. We can also ship out using your own freight account. In this case, freight will be billed directly to you by the carrier. Please contact your customer service representative if you wish to use a 3rd party freight account.


Hytec’s pricing is based on a flat-rate fee for each specific part number. Hytec’s prices are subject to change without notice. Repair prices can be found in our online catalog, or by calling your Hytec customer service representative at 800-883-1001. On occasion, additional parts and charges may be needed for repair of your board. This would usually be for major cosmetic reasons, missing components, or when a LCD display is needed. You will be contacted for your approval in these rare situations. A reduced test fee, 35% of repair, is charged for circuit boards not requiring repairs. There is no charge for boards that are not able to be repaired.

Repair Policy

All circuit boards will be inspected before repair. Hytec reserves the right to determine whether a board, or electromechanical assembly, is repairable. Reasons for a board not being repairable may include: severe physical damage, corrosion, component part not available, intermittent failure making the board not reliable for system use, etc. In the event your board cannot be repaired, the reason will be provided on your paperwork. Repair attempts, not by Hytec, will void Hytec’s warranty and may cause your board to be unrepairable. Repairs at Hytec always include preventative maintenance, required modifications, and all software updates to the latest version provided by the manufacturer. In order to provide the fastest repair turnaround possible, Hytec may occasionally swap a board that you have sent in for repair with an identical pre-repaired board from our own inventory. There is no additional charge for this service.

Return Policy

Due to the sensitive nature of the electronic components on the circuit boards that Hytec repairs, additional testing is required on all returned items. To return an advance exchange item that was not used, please contact Hytec for a Return Authorization (RA) Number. The item must be returned within 30 days. A restock fee will apply on all returned parts. The original shipping and handling charges remain the responsibility of the customer on all return orders. For Board Bank orders, Hytec will add the part back into your board bank for future use at no charge.

Advance Exchange Policy

Boards ordered with this service are priced at a flat rate with a premium above our flat rate repair pricing. This premium helps cover all the costs associated with this program, and provides you savings by reducing boards in your own inventory, carrying costs, and air freight service to Hytec for emergency repairs. You can find pricing for specific parts in Hytec's online catalog, or by calling your Hytec customer service representative. Please note that a repairable core must be received at Hytec within 30 days, to avoid additional charges. If you are not able to return the defective cores on time as required by this program, Hytec’s Repair & Return, or Board Bank options will be a better program for you. All returned core boards must be repairable. Please see our Advance Exchange program details for more information.

Board Bank Policy

Board Bank is one of the primary service types originally developed by Hytec Dealer Services to help imaging dealerships leverage less repairable inventory across multiple branches and technicians, in a timelier manner. Effective use of this service type will help you reduce your inventory, carrying costs, and ensure there are no charges until a circuit board, or part, is required. Board Bank is a premium service with a flat-rate fee of $10 charged at the time the part is ordered, in addition to standard repair charges.

Hytec will store your defective circuit boards and parts at our facility. Higher-moving parts may be repaired ahead of time ready to be shipped. Your inventory will be stored separate from that of other Hytec customers, and real-time reporting is available on our website. In order to ensure the highest on-time delivery, and fill rate in the industry, Hytec reserves the right to leverage already repaired inventory from all board banks to help expedite this process, and will replace this inventory with an identical part. For the integrity of your board bank, it is also very important to ensure all defective cores are returned as soon as possible. A prepaid return label is included as part of this program to make the return process very simple. Please see our Board Bank Policy for more details and information.

Hytec Warranty

All circuit boards and mechanical assemblies are live tested in a functional machine before leaving our facility. In addition, special handling and electrostatic precautions are taken while at our facility. All boards repaired by Hytec have a one-year warranty from the date of repair. Electromechanical assemblies have a 90-day warranty from the date of repair. Hytec warranty is limited to workmanship and materials under normal use. Hytec serializes each board and applies a bar-code label to each board for a complete tracking of repair history. When logged into our website, you can look up a board’s history by entering the part number and serial number found on the bar-code label into the appropriate fields on the Warranty Lookup page. Please do not remove this sticker from the board, as this will void the warranty. If your warranty part is unrepairable, Hytec will attempt to replace the part from our stock. In the unlikely event that we don’t have stock, you will receive a prorated credit for the original repair, based on the original order date.

Please indicate WARRANTY on associated paperwork, or call to get a return authorization, when returning an item under warranty. We always encourage calling Hytec’s toll-free technical assistance before returning a board under warranty. Hytec will cover return freight for boards requiring additional repairs covered under our warranty program.

Sales Tax

Board repair orders are exempt from state sales tax; however, we will need to have your state tax ID number for our files. Please provide this number with your first order, or invoice payment. All Florida companies will be charged tax unless we have a copy of your tax-exempt certificate.


Please note that Hytec’s normal credit terms are net 30 days. If credit terms are not approved, a credit card must be used for payment of services rendered. To apply for credit terms with Hytec, please complete Hytec’s credit application, and return it to our accounting department. You may fax the completed application to 407-294-8017 (Attn. Accounting), email to accounting@hytecrepair.com, or mail it to Hytec’s business address (Attn: Accounting). Most applications are processed within a few days after receipt. You will be notified in writing upon approval, and provided the amount of your credit limit. If you need to place an order prior to approval of credit terms, you may pay by credit card. Hytec values your privacy and has very stringent policies, and practices, in place to protect this confidential information. Hytec will only use the information provided on the credit application for business purposes to establish, maintain, review, or collect any monies owed. Hytec does not share or sell this information with outside parties.


Hytec shall not be liable for any loss of business incurred by customer, or any other such consequential damage, including losses suffered by any end user of our customer’s equipment.

OEM Warranty Processing

Hytec supports direct warranty processing for the following manufacturers:

  • Canon USA Warranty
    Hytec is a Canon Authorized Parts Repair Facility (APRF) and can process repairs for parts that qualify for Canon's warranty. Please complete your e-tag on Canon’s website: http://www.support.cusa.canon.com/
    Please ship your circuit board to Hytec, including the e-tag and maintenance log, along with a description of the symptom. Your circuit board will be repaired and returned to you by UPS Ground service at no charge. Upon request in an emergency, an advance exchange board may be shipped to help expedite your order and help get your client back in service. Hytec must have adequate inventory, and the defective core must still be returned to Hytec for processing.
  • Toshiba Warranty
    Hytec is the Toshiba Authorized Parts Repair Facility (APRF) and can process repairs for circuit boards, laser units, and hard drives under the warranty terms for Toshiba America. Through Toshiba’s warranty program you may request an Advance Exchange, or send your warranty part to Hytec for repair and return service. For complete details on processing Toshiba warranty, please view warranty processing details at http://www.fyi.toshiba.com/ or contact Hytec’s customer service department.
  • Ricoh Warranty
    Hytec is the Ricoh Authorized Parts Repair Facility (APRF) for all RFG products. Hytec provides services to RFG dealers on in-warranty and out-of-warranty repairable parts. RFG dealers should initiate Ricoh Warranty claims via the Ricoh Warranty website: http://www.ricohservice.com/warranty/login.asp